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Dog has lost his leg. Can Fox help him find it?

When Dog is happy, he jiggles. But this morning he isn’t feeling very jiggly at all. His friend Fox notices the problem straightaway. Dog has lost one of his legs! Join the friends on their search for Dog’s missing leg.


A charming story about helping a friend when they most need it.


Walker Books Australia, July 2015

ISBN: 9781925081084

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A delightful story to captivate younger children.

Reading Time

Young children are very familiar with losing things and this delightful story opens up creative possibilities for resolution and includes the universal themes of friendship and acceptance of difference.

Oh Creative Day

We all need a friend like Fox. Optimistic, proactive and there for you in your time of need.
A sweet and charming tale about friendship and having reasons to do a happy dance on a daily basis.
The illustrations are made from felt and are loaded with personality.

Boomerang Books

This book is an animated, engaging story of the case of a missing leg. With elements of problem solving, creativity, acceptance and wit, ‘Dog and the Lost Leg’ is a testament to the power of friendship and charity between diverse characters.

Creative Kids Tales

These images are beautiful. I never knew that appliqué could be so expressive. These simple, yet beautifully crafted images belie their deep expressiveness.

The Story Behind Dog and the Lost Leg

One rainy weekend I made my kids these silly stuffed animals: a dog, a fox and an owl. They were pretty rough, but the kids liked them. Later on I was sitting on the back deck while the kids were playing, and I thought of a storyline for those toys. (FYI: The best stories usually come when you're not trying, which sucks when you are trying.) I grabbed a notepad and wrote it out, then drew up a story board and ended up illustrating this whole book using fabric scraps. I sent it to a few publishers, but had no luck, so I printed 10 copies for my family through and that was that. I had written and illustrated an actual children's book and I was stoked!

Not long after I had printed my own copies, a talented and prolific author named Jill Bruce stayed at my in-laws BnB. Jill mentioned to them that she was on the CBCA (Children's Book Council of Australia) Book of the Year awards panel that year and so they showed her a copy of my book, Dog and the Lost Leg. I happened to be over that night and Jill sat me down and told me the book was very marketable. She wrote out a list of publishers I should send it to. I had already sent it to a couple on the list, but I tried again because she believed in the book.

Three months later, Jill came to stay again and she contacted me to ask how the book was going. I didn't have anything to update, so she asked if she could take a copy. Two weeks later, I almost died when I got a call from Sue Whiting at Walker Books asking if I would like to see Dog and the Lost Leg published commercially! I spent the rest of that afternoon sending through all my images and signed a contract a few weeks later. The rest as they say, is history!

For the next three months, every time I thought about it I just laughed. Everybody who has ever written a book knows it's virtually impossible to get it in front of an editor, let alone picked up by a major publishing house. But nothing is impossible! Sometimes you meet the right person at the right time and things just fall into place. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe that every epic moment is planned out by God. When doors are closed in every direction, just wait, sometimes he steps in and does something extraordinary!

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