About the Author

Carlee Yardley wanted to be a zoo keeper when she grew up, but chose to become a primary school teacher instead. It was a good move, because kids are more fun than animals, and she gets to read, write and draw with them every day of the week.


The One and Only Saviour of the World is Carlee’s second book and took 5 years to write. The illustrations, however, took only 28 hours and were completed in the car on a road trip to Melbourne!


Carlee was born in Melbourne, but now lives in Coffs Harbour with her husband and four kids. She is happiest when she is surfing or skating with her family or watching her two dogs wrestle. Carlee has been bitten by more animals than anyone else she knows, and has learnt to wear shoes when walking to the chicken coop at night.

The One and Only Saviour of the World book Jesus Gospels
Dog and the Lost Leg book
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